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Difference Between Maintenance & Repair

The difference? Our advice

To a certain extent, every vehicle is on an unstoppable ticking clock toward necessary repair. The clock cannot be stopped, but maintenance slows it. Maintenance cares after certain drivability conditions that, when they begin to deteriorate, lead to core parts and systems’ breakdowns.i

To encourage engine health and discourage catastrophic engine breakdowns, schedule oil changes at regular intervals and periodic radiator flushes

To maintain proper balance and alignment that prevents premature wheel, tire and suspension wear, make a point of having a technician regularly rotate and balance your tires

Make a point of periodic full computer diagnostics to root out potential system malfunctions that may not be detectable during day-to-day driving

In turn, “repairs” are the procedures, fixes and part replacements that in the worst cases take your car entirely out of commission when something is no longer in any working order. The bigger difference being, they’re often avoidable and considerably more expensive than regular maintenance work that often costs less than £60.00 per visit..

Repair Services

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All actions which have the objective of retaining or restoring an item in or to a state in which it can perform its required function

Every turn of the wrench on your car comes with the conscientious workmanship we would pour into our own vehicles.

Every car that exits our bays after either repair or maintenance leaves with a no-questions-asked guarantee affixed to our work. Our maintenance and repair procedures will return your car to you renewed and protected against the road’s full arsenal of wear and tear. Our repairs will return it as close as possible to its most pristine, safe working order and performance standards.

If any procedure we perform fails these standards, we will make it right completely free-of-charge. You won’t pay us a cent until you’re as satisfied as we are that our service has given you your money’s worth.


All our work comes with a standard 1 year parts and labour warrenty. Some parts have a longer warrenty supplied by the manufaturer, if this is the case it will be documented on your reciept.